Friday, 19 November 2010

CHEMZ Moto Range - Exclusive to Eurobike

Eurobike has been working with Kiwi chemical specialists Chemz to create a range of products specifically for motorcycles.  The three products are Spray Clean, Bike Shine, and Chain Lube, which comes in two different sizes.

Chemz Moto MX3 Chain Lube is formulated for use on all motorcycle chains, including O-Ring.  Penetrates inner pins, rollers and bushings, and after propellant evaporates, thickens to a long lasting lubricant.  Reduces noise, wear and friction for increased chain life.  Contains an adhesive lubricant which resists high speed fling-off.  Has a wide temperature range of -30ºC - 180ºC, and is resistant to salt water.  Available in a big 500ml can or handy 250ml can.

Chemz Moto MX4 Bike Shine is suitable for helmets, gloves, leathers, boots, mudguards, fairings, engines, exhausts, tyres, instrument panels, screens, panniers and all surfaces requiring coating and long-lasting shine.  Effective in preventing dirt from sticking to surfaces.

Chemz Moto MX5 Spray Clean is formulated with a unique combination of cleaning, degreasing and polishing agents.  It effectively cuts through grease and grime, removing film from motorcycle tanks, fairing guards, pannier rims, cooling fans, exhausts, suspension and brake units. Cleans gently and is safe to use.  Will not scratch or abraid.

Chemz is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and we have been using and selling their products for a couple of years now.  This new range offers top quality and value for money, as well as the satisfaction of supporting a local industry.

Introductory offers are available for significant discount, all pricing and availability is now available on Sprint3.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Arrived This Week - Bike-Lift

Bike-Lift is one of our top selling lines, and we've just taken delivery of the latest shipment.  Bike-Lift make a variety of front and rear paddock stands to suit almost any bike, including both left and right single-sided swingarms.  They are Italian built to a very high standard with toughened plastic castors.  The rear stands come with a choice of rubber blocks or v-type cursers.  With the track day and racing season now well underway, these stands are fast sellers and essential for display on the shop floor. 

For more information click on the Bike-Lift link in the menu on the right of the screen.